Toyota Touchup Paint Codes, Image Galleries, Brochure and TV Commercial Archives
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This site started as a collection of notes to help me remember important Scion information when I launched in 2003. This site is the top-rated resource for Toyota-sourced vehicles in the USA. Over the years I added Toyota paint colors, then Lexus paint colors, chassis codes and engine codes. I've illustrated every single vehicle on this page, and most recently I have added a sales brochure archive and TV commercial archive so that we can all enjoy Toyota's rich history in the US.

This site is my personal project and I have worked diligently to make it as accurate and complete as possible. I update it almost daily with new information and since it is in a constant state of evolution I can guarantee that there are errors here and there. If you have asked what color is my Toyota, what color is my Lexus or what color is my Scion, then this site will help you greatly.

-- Darren Seeman